O The Lights

So with 2 friends, I went to the socially-distant Lights in the Park. For those not in the area, Washington Park is set up with light displays, courtesy of several businesses. They’re colorful, and a bit uplifting, and you don’t have to leave your car.

Add appropriate music, and it’s a nice (heated) way to enjoy an evening near the holidays. We had TSO going, the Nightmare Before Christmas, but there’s a specific station you can tune to for matching music, too.

The only thing is while these displays are pretty, being made of lights it’s not always easy to tell what’s going on with them. So, I’ve titled a few based on my initial reaction.

Remember, these things are moving.

Two People Beating the Crap Out of a Bush
Frosty Gets A Fondle

Happy Birthday, indeed.

Santa’s Raider Nation?
Six Geese A-Roasting
I Fell Into Five Golden Rings of Burning Fire
Hoes In The Park

There ya go. Totally worth the admission to go make your own captions. Go forth and see what you can see. Merry Yule!

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Local artist, author, slacker, gamer!

One thought on “O The Lights

  1. This was SO much fun doing this with you! I laughed as you named displays based on their look – and loved our sing a longs. We will make this a tradition as long as it remains in Washington Park (people were bitching this morning on the news about the traffic). I agree something could be done about the traffic (Hello – PAL could do some traffic routing at major intersections), but I do not feel it was that bad – it’s COVID and there is not much else to do.

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