Welcome to the new site for me and A Break In The Balance. Here I will share updates on me, books current and future, artwork (book related and other). I am a babe in the woods regarding web pages, so I started with this, as simple as simple can be. Natch, I’m also up for any and all advice on how to improve (as long as improving is at a minimal cost, I published a book, but I didn’t really make any money on it…nor did I expect to).

The First Great Adventure, I think, will be this whole stupid tax certificate crap. Yes, I need one to collect sales tax so that I can get booths at the better cons and events, and yes, I want to get one, but every time I look at the Dept of Taxation’s page, my eyes bleed. When am I starting my business? I didn’t really know I was…a sole proprietorship? Do I have to file for that, too? Or a DBA? I don’t know where to even start. So anyone with any experience…HELP!

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