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My artwork is mainly fantasy, and those of you who know me also know that I’m OCD, and prefer to work on things as a series. I’ve done the Zodiac and the Tarot multiple times. I’ve got a collection of kids stories and nursery rhymes. I’ve done Alice in Wonderland.

But what I really enjoy are monsters and NPCs from games. I’ve done a huge variety of D&D critters, and there’s so many more to do.

A spectator and a meenlock

But I love doing critters from video games. They’re a challenge. In most games, you have an idea of what the monster looks like, but unless you can scroll right in, at least for me, it doesn’t seem fully fleshed out. So I have some leeway in my interpretations.

I stopped doing the Diablo ones, much as I enjoyed it. I feel like Blizzard is about as forgiving of fan art as Disney. But I’ve done a bunch from EverQuest and Path of Exile. I love that they’re recognizable, but clearly different from the original art.

It’s an homage to something I love!

Lacuni Huntress from the Diablo games

Now I’ve found new source material from YuGiOh. Even harder for me, since I don’t know the lore, but since they are based on a single illustration on a card, I can go in a lot of directions with them.

Thousand Eyes Restrict and Star Boy

So I’m still working away and there’s always new art to see here. And if you have a special gamer in your life, with a birthday, or for Father’s Day, or just to show you live them… I may have you covered.

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