Half of me is ready for the holidays. Half of me isn’t. Which isn’t that unusual, since the holidays usually trigger a lot of depression.

This time, though, Covid is in the equation. And it’s getting worse, not better. Because people just can’t get their shit together. For example, I was in a diner getting breakfast to go last weekend, and on the surface, they were doing the right things. The tables were pretty far apart. There was hand sanitizer all over. The entrance and exit were separated.

Then a guy came out of the kitchen, with his mask below his nose. Hello? That undoes all of it, you know. He’s exhaling his droplets everywhere, and they’ll travel, and odds are some are hitting food, or clothes, or other non-sanitizables.

Keep it up, folks. You wanted your gyms, your malls, your hairdressers. Now we pay the piper. Yes, lockdown sucked, and hurt a lot of people financially. But the health crisis might hurt more in the end.

I didn’t come to preach about that, tho. I only mean that I’m doing the right thing. I didn’t see my friends for Thanksgiving. I probably won’t see them for Christmas.

This will affect a lot of people. Not just me. Not by a long shot. So be a bit kinder. Keep it in the back of your head what others are going through. Be patient.

A lot of people want Christmas now. I don’t necessarily want it, but I do want us to practice that spirit.

And merry Yule!

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Local artist, author, slacker, gamer!

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