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This is a new project I dreamed up because frankly, without Cons happening, I need some kind of fuel. You’ve seen my takes on the Tarot, and while I enjoyed doing them, I wanted a little more.

I want my own deck, similar to the Tarot, but not the Tarot. Something I know how to interpret. Something more…elemental.

So the idea is a deck of 32 cards, 8 for each element. The entire basis of the deck is change, and the elements represent change, to me, as follows:

Earth: unchanging, or change so slow, so minute, as to be unnoticeable.

Air: almost whimsical, either light, small, and personal, or rapid, strong, wide-reaching. Like winds, this change can alter the direction of one’s life.

The Hippogriff

Fire: rapid, harsh, chaotic change on a large scale. Often leaves damage in its wake.

The Afrit

Water: continual, steady, incremental change. Occasionally surges of speed or power, but generally in the same direction.

A reading would be 3 draws (past, present, future) or a single draw relative to a question. The interpretation of the card is the rate or type of change, combined with the symbolism in the card. An upside-down card, or invert, means a reversal of the type of change depicted, again, in relation to the card itself.

And of course, this will be subject to the interpretation of the reader and what they get a sense of. Pretty cool, eh?

As of now, I have all the cards plotted out, and about half drawn. Once drawn, I’ll go in with watercolor pencils. This part will suck, because then I’ll have to spray them all with fix, which stinks in a toxic way. Then, the intent is to take ink, colored for the element, to highlight the box where the name of the card goes.

Thinking about it makes me tired, but I think the finished product will be beautiful. I’ve considered doing a Kickstarter for them, but I have no idea of my timeline on this, nor have I ever been skilled at asking for money.

I won’t turn down any offers, though.


Anyway, more pictures and updates as I make progress. If you genuinely want to donate, for a future deck, I do PayPal. If you just like watching the creative process…welcome.

The Crone

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