Welcome, July

Hello, again.  Nice to be back and this time with a bit of breathing room.

First off, I described the Con.  Didn’t go well for me, but was still a fun time, as was catching up with a beloved old friend.  So, depending on cost, I would probably still do that Con again, altho with a different marketing approach.

The Sleepy Hollow show….I’ve mentioned I’ve ventured back into theater.  An obvious choice, since a lot of my artistic growth was channeled through it.  Yes, a lot of the faces have changed.  Many out there never knew me or worked with me, or Masque, but some did.  Ah, well, the knowledge and experience is with me, and new friends (and some networking) is always healthy.


I heartily encourage you to check this show out.  The original script is a delicious blend of humor, history, and chills, and there is a wonderful chemistry between the cast that is remarkable (yes, I’ve seen rehearsals, auditions, and attended a rehearsal/potluck/movie night with these excellent folks).  Also, its going to be outside, in the gardens at Ten Broeck.  See, these are the things I love about summer!  What a fabulous way to spend a comfortable summer evening, without blowing $5o for two people at the movies or spending a fortune plus a cover charge at a bar where you can’t even enjoy being with your friends because you can’t hear yourself think.

End of the month, Texas, I’m coming back!  But, more on that as it approaches.  For now, also know that I will resume work on book 3, long overdue.  And I am going to try to up my web presence, if nothing else.  Marketing isn’t cheap, and it’s rough when you have a fulltime job, but I am going to throw a little more of myself into it.

But remember, you can find the books here.


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