…is kind of odd.  It’s huge.  It sheds light on the term “Smallbany”.  But for such a big city, it rolls up the sidewalks early.  We went out after the Con and didn’t see nearly the amount of people you’d see here, be it Albany, Schenectady, or Troy, particularly considering they were a couple of the super rare nice nights we’ve had so far this summer.  And Sunday before the Con…here you’d see people jogging or walking dogs or power walking.  There….not a soul.

Maybe that’s why it was comparatively dead.  It seemed like a good turnout, but I didn’t do well.  The people on either side of me didn’t seem to do well.  The mercs said they thought it was kind of slow, apart from the bottlenecks at certain attractions, like specialty cars and the gaming tables.

But man, there was some cool stuff.



Yes, there is someone in there.  And they moved remarkably well.   Better than I do, actually.


Award for cutest ever?  To the littlest Dalek….look at that face.  Any doubt she’ll exterminate your ass in a heartbeat?


And this, folks, is why I have to keep trying.  It would be so hard to give this stuff up.  But I do have to make some sales.  Help me.  Check out my books, my art.  Spread the word, and support all indies.  And support the Cons and the cosplayers who go to the work to look THIS FREAKIN’ COOL!

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