Weird Thoughts

I’m having some.

Like right now, I’m drinking sangria, and I ate a couple grapes.  So, I’m both eating and drinking grapes.  Right?

Next up….Sonic.  The food is ok, the shakes are quite good.  I like the Limeade stuff.  But I don’t get the attraction of eating in one’s car.  When you eat in your car, no matter how well you clean it, it will eventually smell like ass.  And it’s not comfortable.  Whether you’re the driver or a passenger, front or back seat, you’re mostly holding the food in your lap while you eat it.  Is it the novelty of having someone on rollerblades wait on you?  Because I couldn’t care less, as long as the service is good.

Commercials for drugs….for dogs.  I thought it was bad enough that we are constantly bombarded with ads for drugs for people.  How better to make a fresh horde of hypochondriacs and people telling their doctors that they know best.  Drugs for hep C (because also, all diseases now have really cool nicknames, you don’t have hepatitis, you have HEP C, man!), drugs for ED (erectile dysfunction sounds soooo lame), good grief they even advertise drugs for cancer (no neat nickname there, and it’s really disturbing because the biggest selling point is that ‘it could extend your quality of life’).  Well, now its drugs for pets with anxiety and pets with cancer and a whole variety of ailments.

I’m not saying they are necessarily evil, because anyone who has a nervous pet on the Fourth of July or a bad thunderstorm knows what a hot mess it is.  They have their uses. But how many pet owners can’t get a handle on their own medications?  Or over-medicate?  And now they are imposing that onto an animal who can’t tell you how it feels.  It worries me.  And of course, now with the drugs being advertised, why they MUST be all right and they MUST work!

I had to get those out of my system.  Onward and upward, and in under a week, off to Texas again!  Talk to you all soon!  Be calm and read on!



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