A Somewhat Political Statement

Only because things got me thinking, and the point of a blog is to get YOU thinking.  Sometimes out of your comfort zone.

Refugees.  This is a hot point right now.  Where do I stand?  Yes, within reason, we should be helping them.  And by within reason, I mean taking them where we can.  If we try to cram them all into one port or one city, they won’t be very well taken care of, which defeats some of the purpose of their flight.

I might not change anyone’s minds.  When it comes to politics and religion, most people don’t listen with an open mind because they don’t WANT their minds changed.  It’s beyond the comfort zone.  But I want to put forth something to help you see them as individuals.  Humans.  Not faceless, not “this country” or “that faction”.  People with feelings, fears, loves, needs.

Mostly its from Chopped but it trickles through in other reality shows, too.  How many are refugees?  A LOT!!  All the contestants tell their stories.  A lot of the stories are heart-wrenching.  One chef lost his foot in an accident.  The hospital miraculously reattached it. Several ran into drug or criminal issues when younger, and turned to cooking.  One or two had athletic, even Olympic, careers, until injuries squashed those dreams.

And soooooo many came here, fleeing persecution.

These stories are magical.  Often, it was the parents, not the chef themselves, who gave up everything to give their children hope for a new life.  I remember chefs from Ukraine and Romania, fleeing the Russian regime.  I remember one, who came back for Chopped Champions, whose mother had taken her and escaped from Thailand (communism or some other oppression, I’m guessing).  There are dozens of countries (a lot of them not necessarily at odds with us, either) and hundreds of stories.  But these people are overwhelmingly grateful.  Some want to win the money to bring their parents here, or to free siblings.

Isn’t that one of the biggest compliments we, as a country, can take?  That the parents gave up everything, because they knew they could give their child a better life HERE?  Because one or two might be trying to get in to cause harm, should we turn the huge majority away who are looking to make life better?

That’s a flimsy excuse.  We always risk some bad with the good.  I’m just asking to look at it that way, unbiased.

And for those putting up memes about homeless veterans…of course we should help them.  A country with our opportunities shouldn’t have any homeless.  My question is, where was the concern before refugees became a political issue?  Some folks weren’t so concerned about them, oh, ten years ago.

We all do what we can, inside our circle, and these circles should overlap, so that open hearts have a ripple effect.  Do your part and open your heart.


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