Makin’ New Pretties

So I’ve done a lot of yapping but there are shows coming up.

March 19th is the Upstate Collectors Show at the Venue in Cohoes.  I love this show, it’s small but run by a very personable family who’ve done remarkable work with the building.  There is a lot more here than you’d expect.  Sports memorabilia AND comic and Con goodies with a hint of craftie!

Then I spend a week in Texas, which is purely recreational (well, other than hoping to meet up with a fellow author at a haunted hotel for drinks).  And after that…the Green Mountain Comic Expo.  More of a trip that Cohoes, admittedly, but after a long winter, it’s time to break away from the cabin fever and go get into Spring mode, and Comic Con mode.

Now, what am I working on?  Still working (ok, yeah, slowly) on the Zodiac coloring book.  And now I’m putting artwork onto ceramic tiles:




I like all three.  The plain black and white is striking, and shows off shading best.  That was a first draft of the Prospero piece from the Shakespeaks collection.  The second, Hades True Face, I love because the markers ran, ever so slightly, coloring the entire piece. And the last is A Different Kind of Sphinx, done in colored pencils.  I thought they’d run, but they didn’t (altho note the speckis in the background, which are marker, DID).  Still I like the look.  The earth tones lend to the steampunk look.  All are the original artwork modgepodged right onto the tile, and the tiles are backed with felt feet, so they could serve as coasters without damaging your tables.  Tiles are 4 1/4 x 4 1/4 ceramic.  Haven’t quite settled on a final price, probably $4-$6 per tile (working on a 3-tile piece now).

And perhaps I will put them on my Square page or Etsy shop.


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