Scattered Thoughts

3:47 am.  Scattered, racing thoughts are what I do best!  Better than sleep, anyway.

First, I see so many posts about holiday depression that list the suicide prevention numbers.  This is a good thing, but as someone who struggles with it yearly, and is having a particularly bad time right now, I can’t help but think, wouldn’t it be more meaningful to reach out personally?  A phone call or text, just to say hi, how you doin’, would mean a lot. If you have that withdrawn friend, or family member who hasn’t been heard from in a bit, yeah, post phone numbers, but touch base with them.  I think that’s far more important.

The loneliness is just so crushing.  So overwhelming.  A little human contact outside that forced by daily routine could make someone’s day.

Totally unrelated, but sometimes unrelated things help to distract me, but….car commercials.  Is it me?  (Probably, about 40% of the time, it is.)  It seems there’s a trend with car commercials saying, “hey, it’s ok to be irresponsible, we’ve made this car so smart it’ll save you”.  Suburu kind of started it, but I’m seeing other manufacturers following suit.  Go ahead, be distracted.  The car knows when to brake.  And you know what?  If you DO hit that station wagon of nuns, you won’t get hurt because WE HAZ THE MOST AMAZING SAFETY FEATUREZ!

No mention of what happens to the nuns, mind you.

Most people drive like pumped-up windowlickers brimming with rage.  Telling them it’s okay to not pay attention?  Good grief, that’s a can of worms I would think no one would want a part of.  It was a selling point of my car too, and you know what?  It mattered so little that I can’t even tell you now what exactly it does.  I think it’s city only, when parking, it will brake with a certain distance of another car, but I’ve never seen it go off.  Do I have to engage it, for those times when I know I’m not going to bother looking?  And I told the salesman, that’s very nice, but I’m not that kind of person.  Never in a zillion years would I rely on the car to do something that I should be in 100% control of.

Now, maybe if they could create a car smart enough to get out of the passing lane when they’re holding everyone up….


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