One vs The Other

I feel like cats vs dogs is a good topic.  Its been in my head a lot.

Everyone lately is a dog lover.  I mean, I love both, cause I love all animals.  Cept spiders, which herein will be referred to as Nopes.  But the ratio “dog persons” to “cat persons” has shifted in my circle.

It’s the energy, I think.  I’m so tired and withdrawn all the time, and dogs have a hyper energy, which is great, very uplifting.  And more than I’m prepared to deal with.  The thought of a happy dog jumping all over me is kind of nice, but exhausting.  I don’t know another way to put it.  It’s a good thing, but its not always a thing for me.

Cats love us, too.  I know everyone says they’re aloof, but look at this face.  This is aloof?  No, this is a-goof.



Yes, he loves mommy, as much as any dog.  He greets me at the door, he talks for the first 15 minutes I’m home and follows me around, and then eats, as if he hasn’t all day (and usually, he hasn’t, judging from his dish).  It’s a quieter energy, still loving, but lowkey.  It’s soothing.

He has his moments, of course.  Like trying to pull down the Christmas tree, and then having a total tantrum when he’s told to stop.  I feel like I’m dealing with the reincarnation of a 6 year-old.


And there’s that energy when we play Bed Mice.  Yes, it’s a game of his invention.  If it’s under the covers, and it moves, its BEDMICE.  CATCHES TEH BEDMICE!


Oh, yeah, and I have a bizarre dislike of noise.  I don’t know why.  Other than my music, that is.  I can’t stand the ass across the street blaring his music while he works on his car, or the people upstairs who play with their 60 lb dog on hardwood floors over my head, making it sound like a rollerderby team in rehearsal.  I don’t even like my TV loud.  So barking gets on my raw side (mind you, I blame the owner, not the dog).  Spirit talks a lot, but it’s quieter.  Unless someone is out in the hall, and he wants to go outside.  Then it’s a crying tantrum, AGAIN like a child, of insane proportions.

Eh, we love our furbabies, in any form.  I would adore a dog, if I had the energy, time, and mostly, ROOM, for one, because truthfully, I lean towards bigger breeds.  I’d love a collie, even a border collie.  Or a retriever, lab or golden, or setter, or borzoi.  But I love all animals, so I’d also have reptiles, fish, I got a friend looking to get rid of flying squirrels…but look at the sweet little predator above, with his mouth wrapped around my toes.

Yeah, we love our furbabies.  Merry Yule to you and them!

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