Welcome December

Ok, I don’t mean that, because I hate winter, and the holidays make me miserable, so it’s more like “piss off and die, December”.

Not much going on at this time, except I will say I have a great opportunity to get back into the theater, and considering that Con season wasn’t exactly a hit, it might be worthwhile to refocus my energies for a while.  Errrr, after I regather them.  Which would be a lot easier if I could STOP COUGHING UP MY GUTS!

The joys of working in a Petri dish, I tell ya.

Anyway, to touch base with everyone: 2 upcoming gigs.  The Troy Victorian Stroll is always a fun way to spend an afternoon, and moreso because the weather shouldn’t be too awful.  Hey, I’ve done this event when the temp was like 12 degrees.  This year it should be close to 40.  The shops, the dancers, the carollers…the costumes are fabulous, if not always Victorian.  Look for the gorgeous Newfoundlands pulling wagons for the kids.  Saxophone-playing Santa is oh so cool  Yeah, just come out and see!

List of Events

I don’t get to see a lot of stuff, especially the indoor events, because I’m in the streets with puppets (we are on that list as Heldeberg Marionettes, from 12-4).

Next Saturday the 10th, we will be at the Valatie Winter Walk.  In Valatie, as you may have sussed.  No idea what the weather will be, and we’ve done this one in a raging blizzard, but again, fun event.  Valatie is an adorable town, if very tiny, with some wonderful shops.  We’ll be in the Senior center with the other children’s entertainment, and instead of strolling, we’ll actually be performing Frog Prince.


Hope to see you at one of these events, and hope your holidays, whichever you may celebrate, are full of peace, love, and contentment.


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