Saga Goes Ever Onward

Touching base on my Vizio dealings.

When I got an email from the delivery place yesterday to pick my date, and the earliest was Aug 17th, I lost my shit.  Can’t phrase it any other way.  I mean, Vizio said 7-10 business days, so I rounded that up in my brain to 2 weeks.  Aug 17th puts it at 3, considering the TV died and I lodged my initial complaint on July 24th.  Just thinking about this nonsense brought me to tears again.

I sent them a nasty email.  I said I was going to the Better Business Bureau.  I said that if this replacement showed up and also didn’t work, and they dragged it out for another month, I was going to a lawyer.  I said I was going to tear them a new one on my blog, and encourage my friends to do the same.

I got a response to the email.  Sort of.  They couldn’t find my case number.  I gave it to them.  (Couldn’t find the original email it was in, but in a rare moment of genius I wrote it down).  I gave it to them TWICE.  After the 2nd time, the person stopped responding to me (and those were completely civil emails, not nasty-grams).

But the BBB responded, too, with a “we’ve sent your complaint to the business and they have this long to respond”.  Cause, see, I wasn’t kidding when I said I’d go to them.  What other recourse did I have?  And I’m not looking for monetary recompense.  I haven’t even paid for the TV; it’s going to come out of my paycheck.  I just want it in a more timely fashion.  Under the complaint form, they ask what you want the business to do.  I said I want a TV that works, in a reasonable amount of time, and for this not to happen again.

And lo, don’t I get a call from Vizio this morning.  Aug 17th is now 2-3 business days.  Much better (although I have to wonder, what changed?  The TV was going to sit in a warehouse for another week after reaching this coast?  Did they pay the company to move up the delivery date?  Eh, whatever.  But puzzling, no?)  And the irony?  The guy who called was the same guy, either the chat rep or the supervisor, who said there was no way to make it any quicker in the first place.

I know this because I’m pretty sure even in California, Jameson, or Jamison, is not that common a name.

So I am now a hearty advocate of using the BBB for lodging your complaints.  REASONABLE complaints.  Don’t call them because your Mcnuggets are cold, or the wallpaper in the waiting room at Ford is hideous.  Don’t email them for too much ice in your soda.

But I tell you, if I have any issues with the replacement TV….

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