Thank You

For a great birthday.  Oh, the week is still going on, too, but the big celebration was Friday night, when I was successfully surprised with a trip to the Mystery Room.


Yes, I occasionally show up on film.  Anyway, I had a blast.  It was a Sherlock Holmes style mystery, and damn, if we hadn’t had 11 people, I don’t know.  Granted, they are also 11 very smart people, but some of those clues were hard!  Yet we solved it with nearly 20 minutes left (you have 45 to finish in).

Then on to dinner at Hana.  God, I love hibachi.  The flavor of the rice cooked on hibachi is irresistable (and while I like rice overall, its usually something I can take or leave).  Ok, would I have liked to drink a bit more?  Yeah, but I came home and put my face into the bottle of Kinky Pink.  And the next night, I downed a bottle of Eppa sangria.  So, drinking covered.  The filet was melt-in-your-mouth.

Add to that this fabulous computer whereupon I can now game and make coloring books (one is already in the test process…if that comes out well, then I’ll start with the themed stuff, Oz being first up).  New drawing supplies that have me jonesing to storyboard book 3.  Gambit, Gambit and more Gambit (and btw, I love Gambit!).  Voice recognition softward, I haven’t played with it yet, since I just figured out a few other things, but it will be a relief to my carpal tunnel to dictate the next couple of books.  And some coffee rum, which makes my collection, with Death Wish vodka and coffee tequila, almost complete.

Now, if I could get a working TV…yes, haven’t heard a peep from Vizio.  No verification that a replacement has been sent out.  Nothing.

Eh, I can watch stuff on the tablet, but its not the same, and my DVR is quickly filling up.  Yikes and jinkies, maybe I’ll just go back to scanning artwork and running POE races!

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