Update, Cause I’m Slacking.

Actually, I’m not.

I’m discovering new software and it’s doing wonders for me.  I’m still working on the coloring book, but that entails making illustrations for it.  It will, in fact, be Undead Oz, and appropriate for adults or kids.  The way I’m designing it, there’s a little text to describe each character.  Like Wollinda, the Good Lich, with her aborizombies and an undead dingo.  (These dingoes do not eat babies.)


Or Monk, in his lion form:


Makes you want to whip out some pencils right now, doesn’t it?  I got a few more done today (I do them at work, which I probably shouldn’t admit, but I do need something to do with my hands while waiting for modems to come up; I’m so twitchy).

The other thing I’m doing is fixing Book 3 (no, it has no name yet).  It didn’t convert cleanly, although it also doesn’t look like I lost anything.  Now it’s loaded into Word, you know, that program normal people use.  And I’ve begun cleanup, and then work on that will continue.  Because a while ago I decided that in this book, Azzie will have a voice.

The problem is, that bastard is really, really vocal, and His voice has been in my head the past couple of nights, reminding me of bits I’ve forgotten to put in.

And this, friends, is why writers drink.  Not because of any self-loathing or misery.  It’s because it quiets the voices in our heads, if only for a little while.

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