Anyone Watch These?

This popped into my head as a potential scene for the 3rd book: Azzie (if you haven’t read A Break In The Balance, shame on you and he’s a Prince of Hell) watching (not of his own accord) a paranormal reality show.  And it cracks me up.  Some of them are cool, if only for the locations.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I believe in ghosts, ESP, residual energy, etc.  And occasionally something on one of these shows strikes me as genuine.

Mostly, they don’t.  It’s like watching David Copperfield on TV.  It’s TV.  You can do anything off-camera, rig things, edit stuff in…none of it is the reality it’s touted to be.

But the reason the thought of Azzie seeing one of these, is because one show in particular does so much posturing.  I won’t mention the show, because some people love it.  And I used to enjoy it, but over the few years its been on, the lead has become so arrogant, everything feels contrived.  All the energies are DEMONS!  They are all out to ATTACK!  OMG!!  People DIED HERE!!  (Find one sanitorium from the early 20th century where people DIDN’T suffer or die in droves).  And in every episode now, there’s so much posturing, and daring demons to attack, and threatening.   They call it provoking, which is a technique I understand, but it goes much further, and all for the sake of theatrics.

Sorry, but it’s assinine.  Really.  Cooter and Cletis Chase Mr Chicken.  I think that’s why I always sort of preferred Ghost Hunters, as they seemed more interested in actually debunking things first and foremost.


You know, if you do believe in demons, and that they are willing to actually display the kind of power they purportedly have, you really wouldn’t be moronic enough to provoke them.  Ya think?

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