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Maybe I’ll do some book reviews here.  And food reviews.  It’s a platform for sharing, right?  And I love books, and food, and if you do, too, now you have someone to give you an idea of whats good or what’s not.  Not that I’m an expert, by any means, but I think I know enough to give a relatively impartial opinion.  And that’s all it is.  An opinion.

Until someone throws some cash my way.  Then, maybe I am an expert.  Nahhhhh!

First book up: Detached.


First, not my usual fantasy genre.  And my review, as I posted on Goodreads.

Somewhat confusing, as if written by two different people. First half I went along, enjoying it (if in a horrified way, not for the faint hearted), but then the father’s evil escalates to a point where it just gets comical, and none of it shocks you anymore. The writing, which is done from a 12 year old’s POV, is done well at first, but that degrades, too, as if there is a hurry to move the story along. The author mixes up the two daughters, referring to Emily as Caroline more than once, and towards the end, Emily’s lack of action becomes almost boring. Overall, though, a good piece, somewhat in a VC Andrews vein (before she died and her whole family took over the writing)
Overall vote, yes, I recommend it.  A quick read.  As I said, though, not for the faint of heart.  It deals not only with violence, but sexual abuse taken to an extreme.  With that, proceed as you will.

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