Food, blogs, and food blogs

I need a lighter note after the depression blog.  Well, I’m feeling slightly better, too, although I still expect a long, lonely, agonizing winter (those who work with me and know how I feel about cold and snow understand…I really do need to live on the equator for a. heat, b. coffee beans).

So, this makes me curious.  How does one become a professional food blogger?  I don’t want to be one, but the curiosity is making my crazy, because these people get invited to eat everywhere.  I mean, anyone can blog on food, right?  It doesn’t take a college degree.  Maybe some writing skills, sure.  Take that Food Babe chick, as an example.  Her blogs aren’t based in fact.  They’re hyped up, hastily puked-together information to fulfill a vendetta against some company, and a perfect example of how a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.  People would rather just get up in arms over some shit she posts, rather than take the time and do their own research.

Not that this applies only to food.  How many times do people repost and spout things they hear, that with a few clicks you can see it’s blatantly false.  Yay, Snopes.  The info is all out there, but yes, its work to sift through the good and the bad.

But back to food.  I love the Gordon Ramsay shows.  Sure, he’s a bit of a prick, and I’m not sure what it is about chefs but some of these Hell’s Kitchen and Masterchef contestants are the most arrogant douchebags to walk the earth.  But the competitions are neat, and I come away learning a little, and seeing some very cool dishes (a big bucket for me: eating in Hell’s Kitchen, I’d have the Wellington and scallops, assuming I got any food at all).  I don’t care about the “dramatic” crap, when the winners go to Vegas and the losers have to pick through garbage and they all talk about each other, it’s the actual service and cooking I like to watch.

But does that make me good enough to do a food blog?  Is it just a matter of how many followers you can suck in?  I’m as qualified to judge food as the next gomer.  When you find out what the big secret is, let me know, cause I seriously want to be invited to some of these events and places to eat for free, and if it only takes a review, yeah, I can do that.

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