And Some Smileys!

To avoid the idea that I’m a negative person (in fact, its more a case of just seeing the humor, even in the face of minor annoyances), I will also keep a running list of those little things that make us feel warm all under.  After a rough day, some of these may just make you grin.  Or at least heave a sigh of relief.

1. Waiting for a package.  Oh, yeah, getting  a package is nice, too.  But that’s over so soon.  There’s something about the anticipation of getting something that’s uplifting.  Sure, when you come home, and its not on your doorstep, there’s that moment of disappointment, but then your soul soars because THE MAYBE IT WILL COME TOMORROW!  So then you have a guaranteed day of happy expectation all over again!  I mean, how long can you keep it up??!  As long as you can afford to keep ordering things, I suppose!

2.  Free food.  You brought lunch, but that Lean Cuisine isn’t very enticing.  Another day of yogurt….bleccch.  Yay for your probiotics and your colon health, but blecch.  Then, magically, the email of “we’re ordering lunch for everyone today”.  Or that wonderful person went on a baking spree and brought in a few dozen cookies or peanut butter balls.  Pffft, skip the baking spree, they brought in boxes of Freihofer’s chocolate chips!  And if you’ve had a really rough day, sometimes the vending machine puking out an extra bag of chips is enough to let a ray of sunshine in.

3.  An unexpected glimpse of nature.  Being the way I am, certain animals have meaning to me, and seeing one unexpectedly feels like a great omen.  Goes for rainbows, too; after a crappy day as you drive home you’re lucky enough to see one (or a double) as the sun hits the front of some lingering black clouds.  Once, as I drove to work, I noticed a ladybug on my windshield.  I love lady bugs, but she was a bit far out for me to flick her off, and I didn’t want to hurt her.  Even with my driving habits, she stayed on my windshield from Watervliet to Latham to just before 890, then flew away.  I feel the same when I see a hawk or an eagle.  Those are just magical moments.  Pigeons, on the other hands, are rats with wings, and the only magic about them is getting them to disappear.

4. Comeuppance.  Face it.  Nothing tickles the cockles of our evil hearts like someone getting their just desserts.  Passing that asshole who flew past you in a snowstorm, sunk in a ditch (unharmed, but not going anywhere).  The jerkbag ahead of you in line, giving some poor salesperson an impossible time for something they aren’t remotely at fault for (and holding up everyone else while they do this) getting the manager they demanded, only to be told to go scratch.  You get the idea.  Its not wishing harm on them, only willing karma to move a little faster.

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