Some Minor (but maybe funny) Irritations

1.  Making diseases sound hip.  I’m so serious.  It’s bad enough that we are suddenly inundated with drug commercials.  Remember commercials for booze and cigarettes?  Well, I hope those of you who protested those are happy that now advertising is all about adult diapers and catheters.  But as if to make aging easier, now we abbreviate all those pesky diseases, so they sound like something enjoyable, even COOL, to have.  “Hang with me, I got my COPD!”  Erectile dysfunction, well whose going to share stories about that at the Elks Club?  But ED, hey, ED is happenin’.  RA?  RA Salvatore?  NO WAY NO WAY MY HUMERA GOT MY RA!  The elderly, of course, call it rheumatoid arthritis, but screw them.  To those of us stylin’ baby boomers and later, it’s plain old RA.

2.  Commercials for tv stations.  I don’t even mean commercials.  I mean I’m contentedly watching Supernatural repeats on TNT, and suddenly this banner pops up for Legends that takes up a quarter of the screen.  DURING MY SHOW!  Sometimes there are even clips on these banners, making them even more distracting.  C’mon, people, I’m already watching your station, why not run your banners over the commercials so I can have all my annoyances in the same 30 seconds?

3,  Overzealous baggers.  Some folks may disagree with me overall, and I admit there are some cases where I want my groceries sorted.  Yes, hot with hot, cold with cold.  But I also don’t need a separate bag for every single item that doesn’t fit nealy into a category with another item.  That one shampoo bottle?  It can go in with my popcorn.  Really.  It’s not going to crush it worse than regular shipping did, and shampoo particles are not going to ooze out by osmosis and dribble alkali on my white cheddar goodness.  My creamer is cold, granted, but it’s ok, it will survive a 2.5 mile ride in the same bag as tampons.  One will not somehow taint the other.  If you think they will….I don’t want to know how your head works.  It’s annoying to come home, put groceries away, and have 35 plastic bags left over.  It’s also senselessly wasteful.

4.  People who answer the phone by not answering.  I don’t know how to describe it.  And I don’t usually call people from home, because I despise talking on the phone, but I’ve noticed this little phenomena at work because I call customers to move up appointments.  The phone rings, someone picks up.  I know they’ve picked up, I can hear the tv going (with stupid banner ads) or the kids crying or a semi driving over the lawn, but no one says anything.  I finally say, “hello?” and then someone finally responds.  Really?  It happens all the time.  Remember when answering the phone meant you answered the phone?  Now its like this game of chicken: first one to speak pays the bill.  And in closing, I’ll mention, there are a precious few who don’t even say “hello”.  As soon as you open your mouth, you’re blasted with “WHO IS THIS??”

More when I think of them.  Being easily annoyed, that may only be an hour.

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