More Minor Irritations

1.  Line straddlers.  Now I have only seen this in certain stores, but whenever I’m in said store, anywhere in the ol’ Cappy D, I see it, so I wonder if its something the cashiers’ actually encourage.  People don’t pick one line or another.  They just sort of linger in between, ever so slightly doing a back’n’forth thing with their feet, so they are ready to sprint up to whoever opens up first.  Maybe this is even a better way than picking a line and being stuck with it, or desperately hopping from line to line, hoping you get the speedy one (kind of like those lanes on 87).  But consistency would be nice.  And you can’t help but feel the cashiers take their time to build up suspense.  There’s an idea for a reality show in there….LineJump Wars. 

2.  Political signs.  It’s that time of year.  They are unnecessary, wasteful, an eyesore, yet people love them and your favorite politicos spend fortunes on them, cluttering up lawns and roadsides everywhere.  Even if I liked you or remotely agreed with your agenda, I don’t need to see your name forty-eight times over the course of the next three blocks.  They aren’t clever signs, like the old Burma Shave.  They might be colorful, but they are not attractive.   They are WASTEFUL FUCKING LITTER!  Do something constructive with your funds, and make your name WORTH remembering, and maybe I’ll begin to have a tiny bit of faith in government.  Well, not likely, but I’ll hate you less, and that there is a start.  And yes, having seen these cropping up all over route 7 the past couple of days, I admit, this is a bigger irritation for me.

3.Gamertalk.  This is shameful, mostly because I’m a gamer.  But while I understand abbreviating for texts, and even within games during major fights or raids, in regular typing, there is no place for “wut” or “ne1” .  You don’t even need to type in raids, come to think of it….so many guilds in the bigger games use Vent or Teamspeak, and if you aren’t the raid leader or an officer, you should be silent, anyhow.  Sit there and mash your hotkeys like a good little healer/tank/dps.  Where this matters more in on bulletin boards, or places where you are genuinely interested in making a point.  People will be more apt to consider your words, and therefore your point of view, if you make a well-thought out post.  And if you took the time to think it out, you can take the time to type it correctly.  Otherwise, you’re nothing but a troll, and while occasionally entertaining, most of us hope you get a raging infestation of crotch crickets.


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