Random Musings

I don’t know why after such a lengthy absence posting I come back with this, but it bugs me.  I drive by it 5 days a week.

They opened this thing on Route 2 called Dog’s Retreat.  There were signs up before it opened, and for some reason, they made it sound so insanely fun.  Like daycare for dogs, but what an amazing daycare!  They’d get to play with other dogs, they’d run, they’d exercise, someone would fawn over them however many hours, blah blah blah.

So now it’s open.  It looks something like a huge storefront room, with part of it sectioned off by a white fence.  It doesn’t even look like a real fence.  Ok, yeah, I’m zooping by at about 55mph (traffic in that spot starts to slow at that time of day), but I’m pretty sure its only something that looks like a fence.

I only ever see 2 dogs, 3 at most.  And man, do they look bored.  They’re either standing there, looking at each other.  Or lying there, looking at each other.  Or sitting there, looking at each other.

It strikes me as false advertising.  This was supposed to be Six Flags Over Latham for dogs, wasn’t it?  A regular Puppapalooza.  I don’t know if I expected rides, but I mean, outside of it being a bit more spacious than a kennel…what’s the excitement?  They stare at the road and pretend they’re the ones doing 55, tongues lolling, heads out the window?

I don’t even own a dog.  Why do I feel so ripped off?

Oh, well.  I got the cheffy cat, and he’s plenty of entertainment.  spiritsammich.jpg

“Mommy!  I din’t make dat!!  Where you get BREDZ??!!”


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