Health Update

Another long absence.

Few things holding me down, or trying to.  The arthritis in my hip is actually a long-ago broken bone in my back, which now has the vertebra slipping and pressing the nerve.  Oh, there’s arthritis there too, but overall that’s mild.  Good news, exercises at PT seem to be helping considerably.  Which is good, cause the hell if I’m doing cortisone shots.

Next, that bubble of fat on top of my fat is the result of muscle walls pulling apart and weakening.  Mine are very weak.  So I have to see a surgeon for that.  I’m holding off a little bit, til some of the back stuff is behind me (see what I did there?).  It’s not a hernia, but you still don’t want to strain it.  It’s also common from binge dieting or pregnancy, anything that stretches the muscles apart, and my doc said its an easy surgical thing with a patch.  More to you, as I know more.

Seriously, can I get a little peace here?

Sadly, Texas doesn’t look to be happening soon, either.  Still trying, but right now I’m planning a few Cons and events into the fall.

Next up, Upstate Collector’s Show June 10, in Cohoes, at the Venue.

See you there, bulging belly, bad back and all.

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