Moving Over, Just a Little

Right before Infinity Con, too.  And after I ordered new biz cards with the Etsy site on them.  But Square offered me an online shop that is…hang on…free!

Etsy is pretty cheap, I admit.  20 cents a listing, monthly.  Never sold anything off it.  And I’m not complaining.  I don’t actively push it, but I also don’t feel like I’m a real good fit there.  There’s more crafty things happening there.  A few people have prints, but not many.

I don’t mind not making money so much if I’m not spending any to do so.  And it’s fun to set stuff up.

The prints, magnets, and jewelry are up.  I still don’t put puppets up, because in my head, selling them online can’t end well.  I fear for what would become of them during shipping.  And I would rather they go to a home with someone who has been given a little crash course in touching and working them.  So those will stay as a special request of Con item.

But please, check out the shop.  Leave feedback.


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