In One Week

Infinity Con!  In beautiful summertown Lake George! WHEEE!

Infinity Con

I mean, c’mon, the Mystery Machine will be there!  Who cares about the new Ghostbusters…that’s sacrilege…but THE MYSTERY MACHINE!

I’m listed under Exhibitors (YAY!).  Course, my name is spelled wrong, because despite my fondest wishes, I never married and lucked into a shorter name like Adams, or Smith, but hey, I am still listed, and as an ARTIST!

Oh.  I suppose I could legally change my name.  That would be a royal pain in the ass at this point in my life.  I’ve seen the hoops women have to jump thru at work after getting married, to get their names changed on the emails and IMs and blah blah blah.

So come up to Lake George.  Stay the weekend, cause there is tons to do.  Come see us, buy a book, and a print or two.  Take that book out on a boat and catch some sun, with drink in hand, cause baby, it’s summer for nerds too!

And on a humorous note…well, maybe it’s not humorous.  A mini-rant on crap that is in every single freakin’ romance I read.  And take note: I don’t voluntarily read romance.  I actually hate them.  But a lot of fantasy books work romances in, and fall into those common tropes that make me cry.

  1.  Everyone is always biting their lower lip.  Or nibbling it.  Or chewing it.  Just enough already.
  2.  Everyone’s eye color is based on food.  Honey eyes, almond eyes, chocolate eyes.  Oh, unless they’re blue.  Then they are always stormy.
  3.  No one just smiles.  They smirk, or their lips curl.  Curly lips.  Doesn’t Burt’s Bees make something to clear that up?
  4. Awful slang, complete with mispellings.   I just finished a book where a supposedly mega-powerful being kept referring to one of the gods as “hawt”.  In fact, overall she talked as if she were 12.  I don’t mind occasional slang here and there; it can be useful to flesh out a character.  But pages and pages of it, between all the characters, makes my eyes bleed.  Brain cells suicide out my ears.  It’s unattractive.


And that, my friends, is my cue to go to bed.  I have more peeves, and I’ll share them eventually, but there’s enough to contemplate.  Enjoy your Fourth!

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