The Outcome?

Wet.  Really wet.  And cold.



It started out good. Ok, it was damp, and slightly rainy, but there were still lots of people.  And the cutest doggies and kitties!


Then the downpours began.  Not only outside, but inside.  I know at something like this the event planners can’t be responsible for the weather.  But really, I paid extra to be inside, yet I had to take in more than half my table.  I’m not talking one or two or even three leaks.  I’m talking it was raining on the inside.  I sat on the chair only to find it had been leaked on also, leaving me with a soppy butt (yay for wearing black all the time).  And the other paper items: books and prints and bookmarks, although not right under leaks, were beginning to warp from the damp.

It was worse outside, I heard.  While the EZ-ups didn’t leak like the pavilion did, the rain was sideways at some points, and the ground became a literal swamp.  Those vendors, at the bottom of the mud pit, packed it in pretty quick.  I finally gave up around 2:30 and left.  Yes, the planner offered to find me a tarp.  But then, she never returned, and as Minion Thom put it, was I supposed to lift the tarp whenever someone wanted to see my stuff?

Sadly, I think had the weather held, I would have done really well.  I did make money, and had the sun finally come out, I would have kicked it.  Not saying I will never do an outdoor venue again (although honestly, it looks real iffy), but maybe in the future, plan a rain date, if you can’t be sure of keeping the “indoors” area relatively dry.  After all, I paid extra to be in there.

Still, it’s a good cause.  There were animal adoptions going on, and some absolute beauties to be seen.



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