Next Stop: Glenville

Paws Along the Mohawk Spring Fling!

I don’t know, I did this on a whim.  I love animals, and I think these guys sponsor adoptions.  They are certainly animal friendly, and I’m all about that, so I said, what the heck, they wanted “different” vendors.  I’m different, right?  It’s a great cause.  So, I’ll be there, with books, art, jewelry and puppets in tow.

Check them out on Facebook, too.  Looks to be a fabulous day, spacious grounds, lots of room for the goggies to run.

Yeah, I’d bring Spirit, but….he’s Spirit.  He can get up to Mach 5 in the living room.  Imagine what he’d do with that kind of runway.  I’d never see him again.

Anyway, I’m not sure my stuff will fit in really, but I’m always game for new things, and like I said, it looks to be fun.  So come out and visit.  Bring the goggies.  Bring the kittehs.  We’ll be in the pavilion.

Oh, yes…bring coffee.  I sense Dunkin isn’t just down the road.  Or bring me a thermos of Death Wish and have a friend for life!


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