At work, don’t….

…take your stuff out of the microwave and leave 18 seconds on it.  Is it so strenuous to hit ‘clear’?

….leave the cup in the keurig.  Again, not so difficult. Would you do that at home?  I don’t own a keurig, since I can’t grasp the concept of only one cup of coffee at a time, but that’s me.

…eat what is not yours.  If it hasn’t been announced as community food, it isn’t.  Hope you enjoyed my $6 seafood salad, asshole.

…piss on the toilet.  Male or female, there’s no excuse.  In fact, heads up.  Don’t do this anywhere.  Maybe at home, if you live alone, where no one else has to be subjected to it.  If you weren’t potty-trained, check with HR.  Maybe they can hook you up.

…have the annoying ring-tone on your phone cranked.   Good god, what IS that noise?

…stiff the people you order lunch with.  $5 doesn’t cover your $4.95 sesame chicken.  There is tax.  There is tip…unless you’re dragging your ass to go get it.  If you ask me nicely, I will probably front you a buck or two.  But if you say nothing and just stiff everyone else and we have to make up your tip…never again.

…more to follow.  Must shower.


Published by azbaelus

Local artist, author, slacker, gamer!

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