I won’t…

…share if I have a great cousin/brother/sister/aunt/nephew/corgi/bath towel.  Actually, since I have no family, these posts are kind of annoying.

…blindly like something.  “I bet Bobby Twiddletongue that this could go around the world in 2 days, help us get 3000 likes.”  I’m pretty sure that unless he lives under a rock, Bobby is aware how social media, and even the Internet, works.

…type “amen”.  Do people seriously believe God is on Facebook?  He’s scrolling through to make sure he didn’t miss any prayers?  (Kind of reminds me of Bruce Almighty and how he had to answer prayers through email…good movie.)  Oh, wait.  Maybe he does check out social media.  There has to be some way for Him to pick what major sports teams He’s going to support this season.

…click ads.  I have in the past, only rarely, and I’ve found a disturbing trend.  Most of them are completely misleading (as in the picture is appealing, or something you want, but the ad is for something entirely different), or the company is questionable.  One example: Rose Wholesale.  Looked like very nice clothes, dirt cheap.  But looking a bit further into it, cheap = cheap, as in cheaply made.  The company is out of China.  Massive amounts of complaints ranging from items never received to flimsy items to refusals to accept returns and sizing issues.   (I will say, I haven’t seen one of their ads in a while, so I’m kind of hoping that there were enough complaints and FB had the good sense not to display that particular shop).

…use apps that want my friends list.  Every time I get a stupid game request, God kills a puppy.  Well, when he’s not counting up “amens” and backing the GOP, that is.

Are there things I will do?  A truly worthy cause, I will share.  And I mean something tangible…not one of those “share if you hate cancer”.  I will like a friend’s business, because I’m all about helping small businesses.  (GO Death Wish Coffee Company!!!)  I also like fellow authors.  I support the arts.  I support my friends in their endeavors.

I use my powers for good!


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Local artist, author, slacker, gamer!

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