On This the Fourth

More random thoughts, although positive, for sure, after a fine weekend with dear friends.

1.  Food makes the world go round.  Expand your horizons.  I spent more than I should have on food this weekend, but food is one thing I will spend on.  My clothes could be in rags hanging off me (admittedly, I get very attached to my Metallica shirts, too), but I’m too cheap to buy new.  Do I want a new DVD?  Yes.  Will I buy it for myself?  Not likely.  I’m missing most of the Harry Potter ones, I have none of the Marvel ones….and I want them all.  But food?  Dinner at Beardslee Castle last night was divine…bacon wrapped filet mignon topped with a bearnaise sauce and chunky yummilicious mashed taters.  And beer.  Dinner tonight at the Hop?  Goat chorizo (don’t cringe, it was delicious, nice’n’spicy) with a queso made into a bread or cake, a black bean puree and carmelized collard greens.  And beer.  Hell, DIVINE beer….a whiskey barrel brewed stout 12.1% caught me a sweet little buzz.  Oh, and the escargot with the kale and almond pesto…..RAWR.

2.  People are, in fact, friendly.  They are.  Maybe moreso downstate, I dunno.  But every time we’ve gone to Beacon, or the Ren Faire, or last night at Beardslee, we ended up having wonderful chitchat with staff and miscellaneous folks.  There seems to be so much hate in the world, because the media plays it all up to feast upon it, but if you take it in baby steps, and interact with folks around you, hey, we’re all basically good, and we want the same things.

3.  Skip the itinerary.  Mindless travel with the vaguest of outlines is the best.  Today’s plan was to a. hit the flea market, and b. eat at The Hop.  We did both, and somehow crammed a lot more in the middle.  I made 2 new friends, we saw where Nick grew up, and a lot of other neat landmarks.  Again…we expanded horizons.  It was fun, but not stressful.  It was our own pace.  And I’m tired, but in a good way.  I don’t hurt from walking too much, I didn’t overeat (although yeah the food was sooo good and very rich)…it’s that fulfilled good day with friends kind of tired.

4.  Treat yourself.  We all did.  Outside of the food, we didn’t go overboard, but we all got ourselves a little something.  I got a couple silver chains, because I lots of beautiful pendants, but over the years most of my box chains have broken.  I got incense, and in a rare move, we found a salsa/spice vendor at the flea market who had all kinds of crazy yummy mouth-burning goodness, but she had a horseradish mustard that was to die for.  Not just hot, but flavorful, if you like the actual taste of horseradish, and I do.

5.  Maintain a sense of wonder.  My kitty brought this to mind.  Sure, I yell at him a lot for eating my aloe and pulling books off the shelves, but one thing I adore about him is how he looks at things as if he’s never seen them before.  Oh, part of it is a serious lack of brain cells, but there’s also something endearing about that sense of wonder.  I know sometimes I see a hawk or an eagle, or a rainbow, and my entire day is uplifted, because I feel I’ve gotten a glimpse into the workings of the world, workings that most people miss because they’re too wrapped up in their own worlds.  Take more time and open yourself to bigger things.  This is a holiday celebrating freedom, right?  Free your soul, too.

The body is only a small part of it.  Free your mind and free your soul.  It makes the rest matter.

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