Random Thoughts

Sometimes I’m scrambled, and not coherent enough to be able to blog on one subject.  Things pop into my head, and vanish just as quickly.

1.  Scotus gets it right.  I don’t understand why this is so upsetting to some people.  I really can’t believe that many people take the Bible quite that literally, eh, but maybe they do.  Still, if for some reason you have an issue with gays, who cares if they can get married?  Personally, I’m all for more love in the world, but how is it remotely hurting you?   It doesn’t affect who YOU can marry.  It doesn’t take away from YOUR rights.  It doesn’t make your marriage somehow less, and if you think it does, then you have no idea of what marriage is really about.  Tend your own gardens, ye judgmental assholes, and respect your neighbor, who may like different flowers in his or her space.

2.  Confederate flags.  This, to me, is a nonissue.  So much of a nonissue that I have to wonder what else is going on that the American public is being distracted from.  Maybe the fact that gas prices are spiraling ever upward again?

3.  Where are all the good movies?  It’s summer, and there’s nothing but Grade A blecch coming out.  No Harry Potter, no Hobbit or LotR, no bang ’em up super duper visual effects with bigger and better explosions.  Jurassic World was good, but the previews we saw beforehand had to be the most boring pile of goat dung ever.  Except Minions and Antman.

4.  The weirdest kind of bigotry.  With these really nasty cigarette commercials all over the place, I see a very odd sort of mindset cropping up.  Certain diseases are becoming associated with smoking, and there is now a degree of disdain for people who suffer these diseases.  Almost like a “well, you smoked for 25 years, what did you expect?”  attitude.  Bear in mind, o ye judgmental assholes (whoa, used it again!) that OTHER things cause these diseases.  Lung cancer is the best-known, and do you know, my landlord’s wife had Stage 4 lung cancer, and never smoked a day in her life; nor did her husband.  Offhand, I don’t think any of her brothers or sisters smoked.  My point?  A sick person deserves empathy and compassion, not blame or ostracism, no matter where or how the problem started.

5.  Spelling boner of the day:  “my taught hands”.  I’m going to assume that means “taut”.  If your hands were taught, and taught well, they would have caut that.  (See what I did there?)

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