What on earth…

Does the nice weather inspire people to drive like complete assholes?

Yeah, I like to zip along with my windows down and my Metallica blaring (HALLS OF JUSTICE!  PAINTED GREEN!  MONEY TALKIN!), but it seems lately, more people are mindlessly cutting each other off.  No signal, not even looking, with a WHOOOOP WHOOOOP there they are, in front of you.  And despite that big hurry to cut you off, they’re now doing 27. There seems to be a lot more roadkill, too.

Some of it might also be Route 7 (or 2, or Troy-Schen Road, as you will) has entered another building frenzy.  Starbucks and Ayelada.  Panda Express.

Kinderhook Bank.  Yes, I admit, that one cracks me up.  I mean, it’s a bank.  And it’s nowhere near Kinderhook.  I understand the logic.  If they have really good rates and minimal fees, hey, there’s a completely new market for them up here.  What strikes me as particularly silly is the big OPEN NOW sign they put up.  People, it’s a bank, FFS.  Like, the yogurt place, or Panda Express, or the Mighty Mighty Sonic, you see that those are coming and you’re like “ooh, can’t wait to try that…hey the sign is up; they’re open!  let’s hit it!!”  That mentality isn’t quite the same with banks.  “Holy crow, Mabel, they opened that derned Kinderhook Bank at last!!!!!  Let’s get in there before the crowd so we can see what kinda toasters they’re givin’ with the passbook savin’s!  Mebbe you think we’ll get some fries with that?”  Yep, not likely.

What are they building down my way?  Cumberland Farms.  Across the street from Stewarts.  Note: there are already 2 Stewarts IN Watervliet.  Is anyone walking around thrilled as pigshit that another convenience store is going up?  Is anyone equally delighted that the Salvation Army is moving down the road to a much bigger chunk of land?

Well, ok, some of us are a little happy that morons won’t be parking on Route 2/7/TSR anymore, but overall, that’s not so big.

My point is, all this stuff opening soon is going to make traffic in an already congested area even more unbearable.  What’s the answer?  More lights?  Because one every 13 feet isn’t enough?  More idiots than ever will be cutting into traffic, in their firm belief that “right on red” means that you have the right of way whenever you are making a right turn.  Has anyone done any kind of studies on this area and the traffic patterns?

Would I care so much if anything COOL were going up?  Cripes, put ShopRite in where Kmart was, and I will happily shut my piehole about all of it.

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Local artist, author, slacker, gamer!

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