Hello June

So the book party was a blast.  Not perhaps the huge success I’d hoped for, if only because it was a weekend where a load of other things were going on, and that’s to be expected.  The first one was in February; weather sucked and there was nothing to do.  Now…well, now it’s like 55 degrees and I’m huddled under a blanket, but overall, the past week was super nice, and people are having barbecues and opening camps and summer is a-popping!

The people who did show up, I really appreciated, and man, they are true friends, because they really know how to make me feel better about myself and what I do.  I’ve mentioned before that I have horrible self-esteem (for which I blame my mother, but I won’t get into that), and it’s very hard for me to sell myself.  When I was younger, I think I was a little more arrogant, but I suppose that might be a youth thing.

With that said, and feeling slightly more settled as we head into Comic Con weekend, I bring to you more really assinine errors in books I’ve read.  Oh, people make mistakes, I know, and I don’t mind one or two, but you gotta admit, some of them are pretty funny.  At least, the way I interpret them in my head is funny.

“loose her virginity”…Lose, perhaps?  Or is she loosing it on an unsuspecting populace?  Her virginity will tear the place up like the next Godzilla.  Or Twatzilla.

“follow on her heals”….Heals.  You know, those rounded back parts of your feat.

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Local artist, author, slacker, gamer!

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