Good Things

If you haven’t seen by now, I’ve published Undead Oz.

The blurb not enough to tell you about it?  Don’t be looking for Judy Garland.  Dawthy Pale is a wide-eyed ingenue of a different stripe.  Elmira Goolch kills poor little Utoh, and Dawthy travels to Oz, the Land Down Under, or aka The Land of the Dead, to get him back.

Along the way, she meets the Straw Golem, the Tin Maiden (think: Spanish Inquisition meets the Transformers, although with a much more pleasant personality) and a not at all cowardly werelion.

This book could even be construed as kid-friendly.  It’s written sort of faerie-tale style, and there’s nothing objectionable in it.  Sure, Oz is the Land of the Dead, but they’re all a merry bunch, and they eat and live their deaths well.  There isn’t even objectionable language (I know!  How did I do that? The teeth marks in my tongue will last for another ten years!)

Lastly, if you’re in the area, there is an Oz release party on 5/30, at 5pm, at the Madison Grille in Albany.  Stop in, have a drink, say hello, pick up a copy!

Published by azbaelus

Local artist, author, slacker, gamer!

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