Quick Rant.

Health insurance.

OMFG.  Who do these assholes think they are?  Every time my doctor changes my medication, which he does for good cause, I have to jump through flaming hoops and half the time, go completely WITHOUT meds because the insurance folks want to dick around and pretend that they know better than the man who put in all the time in med school and internships.

Example?  My sugar has been consistently elevated, so he wants to take me off Tradjenta (and trust me, I had to dance nekkid under a quarter moon while trimming my toenails with a sharpened KFC spork with an armadillo balanced on my left hipbone to get THAT med) and put me on Oseni.

By the time I actually get the Oseni?  It’ll be time for the 6 weeks to be up to see if it worked and go back.  Riiiiight.  (In truth, he had freebies he gave me, which is great, because as of right now, I am on my third week of this bullshit merry-go-round).  But no, him prescribing it isn’t enough proof that he thinks I need it.  They want me to try 4 or 5 “stepping stone” drugs (but no, you guys don’t get kickbacks, that would be….ummm…unethical?).

Hey, douchewads….Tradjenta is one of those drugs, and I’ve been on it, and it’s no longer working.

Ok, if I keep it up, it will not be a quick rant, but an extended rant.  All I’m saying is, you liars don’t want diabetes cured, or much of anything else, either.  The industry is too huge.  You can tack $10 more on a tube of lotion and tag it “for dry skin due to diabetes”.  You jack cough medicine up with maltitol and call it “sugar-free” and charge $6 more.  Test strips, without insurance, run $75 a box?!  What the hell is the average Joe supposed to do?  My copay is still $25, once a month.

Talk about vampires, and the only sparkle any of you have is from your own slimey coating of greed.

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