Next Prince: Baal

We are introduced to Baal in the first book, but don’t really meet him until the second. Of all the Princes, he is the most “diabolic”, or fitting of the stereotypes that apply to devils & demons. He is an advocate of gluttony, torture, lust, and anything other carnal thing he can get away with. He is not remotely interested in the Balance, only in the furthering of Evil and the sheer enjoyment he gets from the suffering of others.
Physically, he is hugely fat, and covered with tiny red scales. He has beady green eyes and membraned wings (he can, in fact, fly, but that is more thru magic; his wings would never be able to bear his weight), and small, black horns.
He was one of Azbaelus’ mentors (and partially where the name came from), but while he was always condescending of him for being born mortal, he later developed a true hatred of him when Azbaelus killed his consort, Lilith. This tale is referenced throughout the books, and will finally be told in the fourth; what is important is that Azbaelus, after slaying Lilith, was raised to her place, and Baal has never forgotten or forgiven this.

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