Next Prince: Malefis

Malefis is enough of an enigma to warrant his own book. We meet him in 2, but most of his story will come out in 3.
He has several names, including Old One, Fallen, Sorrow, and Singer. In appearance, he appears exactly as we have always imagined angels to look: so white he almost gleams, with flowing white-gold hair, and deep blue eyes that resemble turquoise, with no whites or pupils. A set of feathered wings covers his back like a mantle, and drag on the floor behind him, longer than his impressive 8′ height.
He is one of the four original who fell: Lucifer, Satanas, Pazzuzu are the others, and he is the last remaining. This means he is far older than any other demon in the Hell, and while his punishment was to be cast out, there is some question as to what exactly he is and what powers he has. He avoids the other Princes, and avoids entangling himself in Hell’s politics, instead hiding away in a white marble tower in the heart of a snow-covered realm.
He also speaks in an archaic form of whatever language he uses (or is understood as); ie, Frank and crew recognize his speech as Old English. This makes him difficult to understand, and coupled with his age and remorse, his mental stability has often been brought into question. The other Princes are just as eager to avoid him.


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