On A Political Note

I never talk of politics.  Or religion, for that matter.   Both are very personal to me.  I will tell you I’m Wiccan, and a solitary practitioner, and where I get my supplies, if you’re interested.  I will tell you, in general, my stance on things like capital punishment, abortion, LBGT rights, and so on.  But I don’t allow myself to get dragged too deep into discussions on either.  Mainly because it’s unlikely you’ll have an argument that will change my mind (altho you do have leave to try, if you present it without being a ranting douchewad), nor do I feel compelled to get you to change yours.  Live and let live.

So where is this coming from?

I’m a teeny bit sad that I finally broke down and unfriended someone over…yes, politics. I’m easy-going, and if I disagree with some of your views, I will often unfollow you.  But, you are still my friend.  SOMETHING brought us together, and I don’t take that so lightly.

This morning a friend was basically gloating over Trump.  Not low-key, not constructive “give the guy a chance”, just flat-out gloating a la “my team won the Series so you all suck and go eat a bag of dicks”.   Further down, in response to something else posted, he said not to be a bunch of wussies.  And that was it.  I’d had enough.

I don’t know this person too well, to be honest.  I don’t even remember where I know him from, although we have several mutual friends.  So I said, “Self, you clearly don’t know this person at all.  He’s more akin to Trump than anyone you’d willingly be friends with.”  And I looked on his wall (see?  I didn’t do this lightly, in the heat of a reaction) and realized that, yeah, most of his posts are ignorant (with the spelling and grammar of a brain-damaged howler monkey), a bit racist, misogynistic, and uninformed.   Sort of the epitome of white male privilege with a side of stupid.  So WHY was I friends with this guy?  Why did I let all this go for so long?

With that in mind, I was a bit less sad.  Oh, still sad that people like this exist.  Still sad that I didn’t see through the nonsense sooner.

I’m open minded.  I will give Trump a chance.  Same as any president.  But believe me, the minute something doesn’t pass muster, or my liberties, or any of my friend’s liberties, be they gay, female, black, plaid, ANY of my REAL friends are threatened, I will act.  I will continue to stand up for the freedoms we have earned, and that our vets have earned for us.

I  hope beyond all hope that I’m wrong, I hope that this feeling of dread is in my mind, I hope we don’t all pay for the mistakes of a few.

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