Not a huge success financially (but not a bust, either) but Chase Con was well worth the time, and a great deal of fun!

Met Jay, who runs the Vermont and Barre Comic Cons.  Vermont is a little out of my budget this year, but Barre is the beginning of April 2017, and very much within reach, and very likely I’ll do it (although this may be the start of “oh, better look into hotel rooms” phase of the circuit).

Was approached about the Baltimore Comic Con.  WOW!  That would be some serious travel, and a lot more pricey (it’s one of the bigger Cons, however), and wants to work out something with me…this would be next year, of course, so she has my card and I’ll look into it more.  Talk about looking into hotel rooms and travel…although we may have a contact near enough to stay with.  Pretty exciting, no?

Was also approached by someone who runs a craft fair, also interested in having me.  Saturday before Thanksgiving.  She probably told me the name of it but my brain was in pre-coffee mode.  Anyway, craft fairs are cheaper as a rule, and while I don’t seek them out, because I’m not exactly a good fit, she loved my stuff and wanted me there.  She absolutely prefers hand-done items to say, Origami Owl or Party Lite, and she has my info, too.

And we made friends with the artist next to us, Adorable Jared (and I have the most WONDERFUL of his prints, thank you Minion Susan!!!!)


Course its daytime and the lighting in my house is meh so the colors aren’t showing as rich as they are, but man that lava just GLOWS.  I adore this piece!  I told Jared I might end up making a puppet based on her!  (And by the way, he likes my work as well, any kudos from another artist makes me happy!)

Kudos from another artist?  One of the guest artists, Logan Puck Winter, bought one of the matted Major Arcana pieces (Wheel of Fortune), saying it spoke to him, and had me sign it!  That is so encouraging, and flattering, just the uplift I needed!

And lastly, we met the man who runs the Salt Con, who immediately knew my name and how many tables I have (May 15th, droogies) and adored the puppets!

Overall,  a great day for networking, making contacts, and fun.  (And we had some spectacular beef jerky, too).

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