Oh, yeah, and….

Vegas in two days.  YAY.

Seeing people I love and haven’t seen in two years.  YAY.

Hitting Fremont St, with or without them!  HARRR!

Opening my Etsy shop.  Not high hopes, really, but for 20 cents a listing, its minimal cost to throw it out there and try, and if I’ve learned anything this past year…always try.  You may be pleasantly surprised.


Currently reading?  About 10 different books, but deep into The Shannara Chronicles (basically a reprint of the Elfstones of Shannara, in time for the TV series, but this one is signed by Terry from NYCC!)  I read this series so long ago, I’m loving on this one.  I may have to buy them and tear through them all again.

Christmas ideas if anyone is looking to get me anything?  Yeah, I know.  But again…if you try, blah blah de blah.  I have almost no DVDs.  I have none of the Paranormal Activity movies, and I like all of them.  I don’t have the Hobbit movies.  Or the Avenger movies.  Any season of Supernatural (except 4…I have it).  The past season of Dr. Who.  I’d have to look and see which Harry Potter ones I’m missing.  The last two for sure.  I think I’m missing Goblet of Fire.  Or, hey, get me a bunch of Shannara books.  Or sketch pads.  Because every time I go to AC Moore I buy more of them.

Anyhow, visit the Etsy shop.  I only put a few prints up, and none of the originals.  Those can go up after the Java’s show.  Puppets, I won’t do.  Shipping them is way too risky and if I can’t personally show the buyer how to unwrap and unbag the little fellow, I dont’ want to chance it.  Maybe I’ll add the jewelry at some point, but only if I get making more (in ALL my free time, har har har).  Leave word on the Break page what you think.

Laters, my taters, and if I don’t post, happiest of Hallow’s Eve to you.


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