Magic with Cory Haines!

Wonderful night of magic at Prof Java’s, with the psychotic….psychic!….Cory Haines, and David MacDonald,and Evildan.  With my bud Thom by my side (and some noms at the Wolf Road diner afterward, I highly recommend their omelets).  Magic is always a great thing.  Part of you wants to know how its done, part of you doesn’t, because deep down, you don’t want to lose that sense of wonder.  For me, that wonder is always there, no matter how often I’ve seen the trick.  Cory is great at keeping the banter fresh.  And Cory, as a fellow performer (we’ve done shows together, most notably Commedia Del Bard’s version of Midsummer, his Bottom to my Puck), has given me some great advice to help me along in marketing myself and the book, as well as advice on being a performer.

His wife, Candi, is also a mega-talented sculptor and potter, who does a lot of vendor shows.  Her original stuff is lovely, and I’m thrilled with the mug she made for me, which is a blue/ochre Sun/Moon motif, because as you know, those are the brother and sister demi-god dragons from Break. There you see both sides, with Nero’s fat head in the background (that particular sculpture would be mine)


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