Trivia: On Elves

There are 3 races of Elves: Heighkyn (the Fair Elves), the Dharkyn (the Black Elves), and the Rhiankyn (the Red Elves). 

Contrary to popular belief, they are named for their “hearts”, not their skin color.  The Rhiankyn are highly reclusive and many other creatures don’t even believe in their existence, but they are found deep in deserts and mountains, and the “Red” tag comes from their habit of painting themselves with their enemies’ heart blood after a battle. 

All Elves live in Courts; Heighkyn and Dharkyn both are almost exclusively found in forests, although Dharkyn tend to the gloomier, darker woods, and their Courts are stationary, led by a single monarch.  The Rhiankyn are nomadic, their Courts always on the move, and seemingly in endless battle with each other; their monarchs are chosen by skill in battle moreso than wisdom, magical skill, and diplomacy.

It is believed that the Creator made 3 races of Elves to represent the Balance, but there’s a slight twist.  The Dharkyn are commonly believe to represent Evil, and they do tend more to demon and devil worship and dark magic, but in actuality, the Dharkyn represent neutrality.  It is the warlike, vicious Rhiankyn who are the Evil faction of Elves. 

Regardless, all three generally dislike each other, and usually attack on sight, although there have been rare exceptions.



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