A pretty big excerpt…wheeee

The sight sent a shiver through the dragonlord. He recognized the symptoms of blood-lust, and was afraid. Azzie was always so impassive and self-controlled; Sun hadn’t imagined he could even work himself up into such a state. He shifted his weight, ready to bolt if the Dharkyn turned on him. Magical fire wouldn’t harm him,Continue reading “A pretty big excerpt…wheeee”

Another introspective moment: Azbaelus on Evil

     “I do not consider myself Evil.  I have my own set of values, and morals, and because they differ from yours, they are Evil.  For example, I believe the weak should be culled, or serve the strong.  Others feel everyone deserves the same chance, or should be boosted or helped along to keep up,Continue reading “Another introspective moment: Azbaelus on Evil”