A pretty big excerpt…wheeee

The sight sent a shiver through the dragonlord. He recognized the symptoms of blood-lust, and was afraid. Azzie was always so impassive and self-controlled; Sun hadn’t imagined he could even work himself up into such a state.
He shifted his weight, ready to bolt if the Dharkyn turned on him. Magical fire wouldn’t harm him, as his own powers were heat-based, but if Azzie resorted to hellfire, he was defenseless. Hellfire was an elemental force, and only the most powerful demons were immune to it.
Blood-red eyes focused upon him. Azzie raised his arms.
Sun’s heart leaped into his throat. Azzie was too far gone…
I have to leave. Get into Nazzarone, grab Frank, and flee. Finish the quest with the Balance dangerously upset.
Without a word, Azzie dispelled his power. The energy pooled at his fingertips faded. The hellish glow in his eyes dulled as his muscles visibly relaxed.
Snorting his relief, Sun approached again. *Azzie. By the Worlds, I thought…*
The Dharkyn’s hand shot out and seized a fistful of Sun’s mane, twisting the stallion’s head around. The deadly black talons scored the flesh of Sun’s neck.
“Never, never ask me about this,” Azzie hissed. “If you do, I will kill you.”
Sun tried to send his agreement, but the touch of Azzie’s mind made him nauseous. It was a whirl of gruesome images: rising flames, writhing bodies, a rain of arrows, and something else, something unspeakably Evil underlying it all.
The taint drove the stallion to his knees. His eyes watered from the pain of having his mane pulled.
Azzie took the opportunity to mount him. “Get us away from here,” he commanded.
Sun rose slowly, legs shaking. After what he’d witnessed, he wasn’t going to antagonize the Dharkyn.
Thanks be I sent Frank away. Azzie might have slain him on sight. Whatever brought him to this? I should expect a demon Prince to have violent tendencies, but this carnage in so short a time…
By the time they were free of Zhialliandior, the dragonlord was ready to drop. A second flight from the forest left him utterly spent, especially as Azzie’s weight was fully proportionate to his massive frame. As the Dharkyn dismounted, Sun sank to the grass, his sides heaving.
Azzie pretended to scan the valley, allowing Sun time to recover.
When he could breath again, Sun switched back to human form. It was the final drain on his resources.

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