I always think its fun to come up with your “dream” cast for any book….finding that actor who most resonates with a character the way you envisioned them while reading.  Or maybe just a voice; when the character spoke, you mentally heard it as a certain someone.

     “Break” was the same.  When I did the first few drafts, I pictured Frank in my head as Kevin Bacon.  Young, “Footloose” Kevin Bacon, but about 30 lbs heavier.  Good-looking in a scruffy way, able to carry off the perpetually clueless expression, big puppy eyes.  He was the only one that was ever clear, however.  

     Physically, I’d pictured Moon as Mirina Sirtis (Counselor Troi from ST:NG); the way they did her eyes for a half-Betazoid, her exotic good looks, and that very slight accent.  Sun I never had in my mind, but I had a guildmate in Everquest who, when I finally heard him on Vent, was vocally ideal.  Wish I could find him again; his name was Clark and he played a cleric, and his voice was beautiful.  He had (well, has) the most amazing laugh, and I used to tease him that someday I would make him do Sun’s voice.  Ironically, last I knew, he was involved in broadcasting.

     Damia vocally is a Brenda Vaccaro (sp?) or Lauren Bacall type: low and husky.  But hers is a voice that can turn shrill in a heartbeat.  Random I imagined as my 8th grade teacher, with a Dennis Miller vocal quality. 

     And Azzie.  Physically, I’ve only ever seen him as CGI.  I don’t think any makeup job could do him justice, or accurately depict his scale against, say, an average human.  Vocally, he’s tough.  A lot of people have said Tim Curry, but while I love the man’s voice work, I don’t see him for Az.  He’s too sneery, as if he truly relishes evil, and Azzie is actually much more apathetic and bored to have that amount of passion for anything.  He doesn’t enjoy evil; he doesn’t even think he really is.  He’s just doing his job to maintain the balance.  I sort of like Jason Isaacs voice, but I don’t know if he can come across as resonant enough for someone of Az’s size.

     So there you have it.  How I picture my kids.  Or most of my kids.  I would welcome any thoughts on how you see them.


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2 thoughts on “Casting

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