A Late Update: Dunkin

We’re all quick to complain when service is bad, but not so quick to compliment when it’s good. Makes sense in a way, because good should be the norm, right?

Some of you recall when I lambasted Dunkin Donuts. Every single day, EVERY day, not the occasional mishap. I wanted a bagel with a little butter, and I got a bagel swimming in a literal pool of butter. I don’t care how much you think you like butter. This was absolutely disgusting. The bagel was soaked. The original post, with pictures, is here:


I linked the blog to their Facebook page, and lo, didn’t I get a call from the district manager? Course, I got said call as I landed in Vegas, so I had to wait a week to call him back, but it was a good conversation, about customer service, and expectations, etc. He offered me a $25 gift card, whereupon I asked why would I accept when I really didn’t want to go back, and he assured me I could use it at any Dunkin, or not use it, as I chose, but he still would send it.

He got back to me about 2 months later. He had, in person, gone to the store in question, and retrained them, ALL of the employees, in handling bagels with cream cheese and butter. The manager, who’d ignored my original complaint, was taken to task. In short, a lot was done.

It was a long time before I returned to that Dunkin. Some of it is because I was still mistrustful, and then it was because I didn’t work for a year. Now, I’m working again.

I will say…for the most part, they do good. I want sausage and cheese on an English muffin, they get that right, and it’s good. It’s also too pricey for me to do every day, but hey, the store isn’t setting the prices. That’s my choice. I can get a breakfast sammich at Cumby’s cheaper, but I do have to take the egg off, and its not quite as good for sitting under a heat lamp. They also are much better at bagels. Yes, sometimes they still get carried away with the butter, and once I asked for toasted and got what I would call “effing charcoal”, but those were flukes. On the whole, they have improved vastly, and I enjoy breakfast from them. Pat on the back, guys, especially in these times.

I still don’t go there too much, tho. Besides the prices, the line is ridiculous. They try, and try, but they can’t move a line along for love nor money. If I see more than 2 cars ahead of me, I go up the hill to Cumby. Hey, if I didn’t have to get to work, I wouldn’t care about the line so much, but when I’m on a schedule, gotta do what I gotta do.

Still, I owed it to them to tell the world that my experience has improved, and they’re mostly doing things right.

The other thing against them (snicker) is that damn, Amazon’s brand of toaster pastries has a pomegranate flavor, and those are crazy good, and if they burn, that’s on me.

Onward and upward!

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