Done With Dunkin

I like to think I’m a savvy, but fair, consumer.  I give multiple chances, because I’ve worked in customer service and have had bad days.  Well, Dunkin had a slew of chances, and I’m done, at least with the Watervliet store.

How hard is it?  An Everything bagel toasted with butter?  Ok, I get it.  Everyone has varying butter needs.  At one point, they toasted the bagel and gave me the little butter packets, which worked out ok (except they gave me like 7 or 8, it was a bit wasteful but at least I had control).

Now, despite a million attempts to phrase it in a way they’ll understand, they insist on drowning the damn bagel in butter.  It’s bad when the bag looks like this:


My car isn’t new, but no way do I want that on my seat.  I threw it on the floor.  I would have been mortified to hand that to someone, personally.  It’s messy to the point of disgusting.

Sometimes the bag looks fine but then I get inside and see…


Yeah…that doesn’t bode well.  I really don’t want the bagel badly enough to touch that cold puddle of grease.  For the butter to soak through that paper…you get the idea.  Straight to the trash that one went.

But sometimes the outside is ok.  It’s when I get into the wrapping…


So the pool of grease is on and around the bagel this time.  Remember, I keep asking for “JUST A LITTLE BUTTER”.  I don’t know how else to say it.  And the bagel is now cold and, despite having been toasted, sopping wet.  Hey, if they can’t get it right, forget it.  And I’m not about to “try” something else after they jacked their prices.  The only other thing they had that I really liked were the little wakeup wraps, and being slightly unnatural, I ordered the sausage and cheese, with no egg.  They usually got that right.  Then they upped it by 50 cents if you wanted sausage.  Dudes…I don’t want the egg, but you don’t cut me a break for that.   So, done.

The bagel thing happened many times, over many months.  I finally left a comment, griping to corporate.  Not that I expected anything, but it made me feel better, and hey, it’s making them aware, right?  So corporate actually emails me and says the store manager will be in touch.

Yes.  Yes, she was.  She sent a lovely email, all apologies and thanking me for letting them know, and telling me if I sent my address, she’d send out a gift card.

I send my address.  Her email was on Oct. 11th.  Do you think I got a gift card?  I even emailed back on the 21st “Did you send anything?”.  Today is…the 27th?  Nothing.

Great customer service there, guys.  I know to a massive corporation like them, losing me doesn’t mean squat.  But at least I tried to raise my voice.  I tried to make them aware.  And I really have nothing against Dunkin in say, Latham, or Schenectady, although on the whole, I think these days, I’ll stick with Cumby’s.  I can fix my coffee my way, it’s a LOT cheaper and doesn’t taste burned, and that chorizo/pepper cheese/egg wrap is mighty tasty (yes, yes, AFTER I remove the egg!) and costs considerably less.

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