Interim Catch Up

I’m so lazy lately.  My job is leaving me utterly exhausted, so half of me wants to do all these cool things, and half of me (which is usually the half that wins) wants to go to bed at 8pm.  The other thing that influences the latter is that if I do go do something, like last night going to play D&D, by the time I get home, I have to park 3 zip codes away.  I’m not kidding.  I can send my car a postcard.  The work-from-home Spectrum tech’s truck hogging up a couple spaces is becoming a huge annoyance (“Oh, I’ll park it here…or here…won’t interfere with parking on the street”).

Oooh, strayed off my point.  Not that I actually had one.  Just some things that annoy me (and this is light-hearted, folks, yes they do annoy me but overall I’m in a very good mood these days…outside of work)…they are quick, and do they bug you too?

  • People going “live” on Facebook.  Or, more specifically, Facebook deciding that I must see it, without me clicking or acknowledging it in anyway.  Just, BAM, there it is, on my screen.  I know it’s not hurting anything but seriously, let me do the picking and clicking, ok?
  • Hell’s Kitchen.  Maybe it’s a stab at reality tv in general.  I started watching this show mainly because I like Gordon Ramsay (altho he’s wearing a bit thin on me now) and to watch the cooking.  How a service runs, what sort of signature dishes people make, how they use certain ingredients…it’s why I watch a lot of the Food Network stuff (and truthfully, wow, what I’ve learned!).  But now, I think maybe this is the 4th season I’ve watched, and they’ve brought back “all-stars”.  These are the people who lost in prior seasons.  And good grief, what a merry pack of assholes they are.  It reinforces my belief that this has long since stopped being about cooking and is now about “good television” and ratings.  A couple of them seem like decent folks (if you watch the show….I like Milly, and Michele, maybe Dana), but the rest?  What a spoiled, arrogant band.  Even if they can cook, would you seriously hire any of those attitudes?  As a head chef, no less?  It’s really too bad; I’m sure there’s some serious talent out there.  And it’s too bad that we’ve become so entrenched in reality shows that we’ve turned our government into one.  At least there’s still Marvel.
  • This doesn’t annoy me, it baffles me.  Sonic.  I don’t get the attraction of eating in your car.  I may have mentioned this one before, but now that the weather is getting cold, and I still see people in the bays to get their chili dogs from a carhop, it baffles me even more.  Although, perhaps eating in your car in the freezing cold helps prevent it from eventually getting that “fast food ass” smell.
  • Fuccillo commercials.  Hell, ALL car commercials.  Billy is all slurring and gropey.  No one gives a rat’s behinda bout Megan’s puppies and babies.  Provenzano’s attempts at presidential imitations make kittens cry.  I’m investing a lot of money in a massive piece of machinery that I intend to have for a few years….why would I buy it from someone who comes across as a buffoon?
  • Regarding the above…lawyer commercials have gotten pretty stupid, too.  Clever and stupid are not the same thing.

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2 thoughts on “Interim Catch Up

  1. I feel your feels! I have a nephew that goes live constantly, and well, he has some of his own demons to work out, so going live while you are intoxicated, complaining about the not being intoxicated enough is sad at times. His friends don’t help the situation much either, and I want to say something, but don’t want to overstep some family boundaries. I started with Gordon Ramsey on Hell’s Kitchen a long time ago, we watched it for a few seasons, but I too quickly felt it turned into a “what new name can I call these Donkey’s quickly, and it must be impossible to make Risotto” show. For my cooking cravings I tend to watch Chopped, I love Ted, and all the judges they have, and love when good cooks are tossed odd ingredients, black rice ramen anyone? I also LOVE Top Chef, they are really good, there is some cattiness on it occasionally, especially when it comes to the Restaurant Wars segment, but all in all it’s a great show. Billy Fuccillo is an ass, I cannot for the life of me understand what is the attraction or draw? His dealerships are a nightmare, I feel like I am being attacked by every stereotypical shifty used car salesman and their tactics when I approach their lot. I half expect them to chase my car down the road like a lawyer chasing an ambulance, And his radio commercials are even worse, I feel dirty after hear him say things to that poor co-host Caroline, I am waiting for the day the sexual harassment charges are brought against him. UBER Creep!

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