More work!

Summer is now underway…HURRAY!  Warm weather at last!  Maybe a little heavy on the rain, but we’re better off than California.  Which I must mention, are some of those people for real?  Major drought conditions, and there are some spoiled overly-wealthy asswipes complaining about water restrictions, or outright defying them, because they need to keep their lawn green?!


Tumbleweeds require no water.  (And btw, grass requires almost none…so when the rain finally shows up, it won’t take anything to get your lawn green again!)

If you want a green lawn that badly, try spray-painting the sand.  Actually, that might be a good deterrent to those pesky scorpions and spiders, too.

Where was I?  OH, yeah…summer.  So now (shaking with joy) I am probably going to be showing my art at Professor Java’s, which is a most cool coffee hangout that also does art shows and live performances by musicians and magicians and perhaps comedians (I don’t go see comedians much).  That would be in October.  Well, wait!  Comic Con is in October, too, so if my art is hanging in Java’s I must get to producing more so I also have some to sell!

Man, I gotta admit, while this is a wonderful high and I hope it lasts, I do kinda miss being lazy.


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